We Are Getting Breast Cancer Off Our Chest!

Please watch this video to get a flavor of the honest storytelling and community that we have been working on for the past year.

Vera's Story

In July 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 invasive lobular breast cancer with metastasis to the sentinel lymph node, but I consider myself lucky because I was supported by a large group of loving, knowledgeable women that included several breast cancer survivors. Those women shared their stories, and through that process I found the hope and courage I needed to face my treatment. I discovered that, while each woman's breast cancer journey is unique, strength can be found in shared experience.

I was acutely aware that I was very fortunate, because so many other women do not have the same - or any - support system. I lost my own mother to inflammatory breast cancer in 1991, and remembered all too well how frightened and isolated my Mom and my family felt.

I created Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer for women who may not have a supportive network, or who simply find that hearing about other women's experiences is helpful and inspiring. My dream is to give viewers honest, insightful, and informative stories to lessen the fear and loneliness that can often accompany a breast cancer diagnosis.

Art Heals

Breast Cancer gave me an important gift. It reawakened my creativity and reunited me with my faith in Creative Arts Therapy. I have an M.A. in Drama Therapy from NYU, and I worked as Drama Therapist at Bellevue Hospital in NYC for almost a decade. Though I took a hiatus from this meaningful work, my breast cancer has lead me back to my faith in and commitment to the healing power of the arts.

Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer is currently in the process of developing a new series of episodes focused on the healing power of the arts. We want to use Storytelling and Creative Arts Therapy to provide support and sisterhood to the breast cancer community. Each episode will use the arts as a window into one woman’s unique journey. It is our hope that these video portraits can serve as a safe haven, a little corner of the internet where patients and their caregivers can go for answers, inspiration, comic relief, and a sense of community.